Hadi Qasemi

"Everything I do is a reminder to remember that everything is possible and we are our greatest limitation and nothing else!"


The painting that was sold for a quarter of a million SEK

The painting was sold for 220,000 SEK and all of the whole money was donated to Project Playground in South Africa to give children and young people the conditions to be able to go to school and create a good life and future for themselves and their families.

"We're not gonna die here"

We're not gonna die here!

(Mars 2018, Kultur house Stockholm)

(We’re not gonna die here!) That was what Hadi said to his friend in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea in the middle of the rainy night!

Hadi ‘ s very first solo exhibition with 30 artworks (One-line drawings and sculptures)
With more than 250 visitors on the first day.

Hadi Qasemi - The Entrepreneur

Oneline art soon available in webbshop

Golden one mockup

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Companies Hadi Qasemi have worked with

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